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T IV Culture and Development/Gender Studies

140226 VO+UE T I - T IV - VM4 - VM8 - Asylum Seekers as Rights Claimants?! - a Transdisciplinary Approach to Asylum Realities and the Role of Rights, Dignity and Empowerment
140220 SE T IV - VM4 - VM7 NGO-Activists and Soldiers as Photographers - Feminized and Colonized Images of Famine and War
070086 VO Lecture Specialisaton 2 - Sexualität im 20. Jahrhundert - Globale Perspektiven und internationale Entwicklung
030166 SE Indigenous Legal Studies: Jurisdiction and Legal Pluralism - for diploma and doctoral students
140296 PS Introductory Seminar History and Literature - Discourses on Gender and Nigeria in Narratives and Scholarship
140359 VO [en] African Film
230088 SE High culture and popular culture - A relationship of tensions between globalisation, national identity formation and local appropriation.
230102 SE Gender and Globalisation - Genderaspekte ökonomischer Globalisierung. Analysen und Perspektiven
140213 VO T III - VM1 - VM5 - Statelessness in an International Context - Meaning, Origin, Countermeasures

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