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09: Emphasis 7: Gender-specific Aspects of Development Research

140214 SE SE IE - VM6 - VM7 Interculturality and Development Co-operation: a Transdisciplinary Approach - Between Geopolitical Interests, Civic Resistance and Humanitarian Crisis: the Western Sahara Conflict
140220 SE T IV - VM4 - VM7 NGO-Activists and Soldiers as Photographers - Feminized and Colonized Images of Famine and War
140142 VO Feminist Approaches to Development - Critical Perspectives / Political Interventions / Global Challenges
070086 VO Lecture Specialisaton 2 - Sexualität im 20. Jahrhundert - Globale Perspektiven und internationale Entwicklung
140296 PS Introductory Seminar History and Literature - Discourses on Gender and Nigeria in Narratives and Scholarship
230102 SE Gender and Globalisation - Genderaspekte ökonomischer Globalisierung. Analysen und Perspektiven

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