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MZO W-2 Biodiversity and Systematics of Animals

300006 VO Social Systems - Social Systems in vertebrates with special emphasis on mechanismus - behaviour - brain-personality-stress, etc.
300055 VO Introduction into evolutionary biology - current topics in vertebrate systematics
300076 VO Australian Fauna - examples of evolution, ecology and biogeography
300124 VO The birds of Austria - an ecological and conservationbiological overview
300202 UE Animal observations in the zoo - Basic practical course in observation of zoo kept animals
300361 UE Determination of Austrian Apidae - Determination Course
300439 VO [en] Bird Ecology
300548 SE Mutualistic Interactions of plants and ants - Communication & nutritional ecology
300657 UE Identification course for aquatic invertebrates - in Central European freshwaters

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