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B. Diploma Degree Programme in Catholic Theology (1.10.2002)

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UNIVIS- Anmeldephase prüfungsimmanente Lehrveranstaltungen (ausgenommen Proseminare und pi-LV´s des Instituts für Praktische Theologie): 16.9.2013 10:00 Uhr bis 8.10.2013 10:00 Uhr. UNIVIS- Anmeldephase Proseminare und prüfungsimmanente Lehrveranstaltungen des Instituts für Praktische Theologie: 16.9.2013 10:00 Uhr bis 1.10.2013 10:00 Uhr

1st Stage of the Degree Programme

Introduction to Theology

Christian Philosophy

Core Texts on Ethics and Anthropology

Social Ethics

Studies of Religions

020004 VO Introduction to Islam - Religiöse Pflichten und Glaubensgrundlagen des Islam

Methods in Biblical Studies

Old Testament Studies

Introduction to Biblical Hebrew

New Testament Studies

010077 VO Fundamental Exegesis of the New Testament II - Paul and His Letters

Church History

010013 VO Church History - Part I - The Origins of the Church and its Growth in Antiquity

Spiritual Theology

Foundations of Liturgical Studies

Supplementary Examination in Greek

2nd Stage of the Degree Programme

Old Testament Studies

Christian Social Ethics

Christian Philosophy

010026 VO Intercultural Philosophy - Intercultural Philosophy. Latin American Philosophy in the context of a global discourse on Modernity

Dogmatic Theology

010038 VO Christology
010071 VO Christology II

Fundamental Theology


Church History

Canon Law

Liturgical Studies and Sacramental Theology

Moral Theology

New Testament Studies

Pastoral Theology


010004 VO Early Christian Literature - Patrology I

Religious Pedagogics and Catechetics

Studies of Religions

Theology and History of the Christian Orient

Ecumenical Theology


010033 BA The Church in the massmedia - Kirchenrechtliche Analyse von Berichten über kirchliche Themen in Printmedien
010041 DS How to speak about the Holy Spirit? - Pneumatology in the doctrine of the Church Fathers until the 5th Century
010044 BA On the margin of the knowable - Erkenntnis, Geist und Rationalität bei Nikolaus Cusanus
010063 BA The Crusades - a Christian Djihad? - Controversial Issues in Church History II

Electives and Free Electives

010017 VU Theory of religious education - General subject didactics
010054 UE Greek Reading
010075 VO+UE Biblical Hebrew 1 - Practice and Perfection
010105 PR Religious education in compulsory schools / adult education - Subject related traineeship in compulsory schools / adult education
010141 VO "The Land and Its People" - Introduction into the Historical Topography of Syro-Palestine in Old Testament Times
010163 SE Specific subject didactics III - (Spezielle Fachdidaktik III)

Women Studies and Gender Studies

Optional Subject

010104 KO Conversatorium

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