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PM Bachelor-Module 1

070016 PS Proseminar - Uni:visuals - historical an filmic perspectives on university
070027 PS Proseminar - Genocide in the 20th Century History
070069 PS Proseminar - An Introduction into scientific writing. The course will present examples of constitutional-texts from the 10th and 11th century
070071 PS Proseminar - The Revolution of 1848/49 in the Habsburg Empire: Women, Men and Gender Relations
070074 PS Proseminar - Antijudaismus und Antisemitismus vom Mitelalter bis zur Gegenwart
070090 PS Proseminar - History of Cartography
070111 PS Proseminar - Europas Industrialisierung
070204 PS Proseminar - Resistance against (Austro-) Fascism and National Socialism. Gender Aspects of womens resistance.
070220 PS Proseminar - Wages and Salaries in the Professional and Working World in Modern Times and New Art History
070227 PS Proseminar - A social history of the family in the early modern period
070333 PS Proseminar - The High Middle Ages in Western Europe

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