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PM Specialisation 2: Issues of Global History: Themes of Global History

030010 SE [en] Indigenous Legal Studies: Jurisdiction and Legal Pluralism - for diploma and doctoral students
070023 SE Specialisation Eastern European History I - The Outbreak of the First World War 1914 in the European and American Historiography
070131 VO Advanced Module 1: Issues, Problems and Methods of Economic and Social History - Haus - Hauswirtschaft - Haushalt. Familie in historisch-anthropologischer Perspektive. Forschungsmethoden, Modelle und Theorien
070142 SE Specialisation 2: Medieval Age II (approx. 1200 - approx. 1500) - Seminar of Medieval History / only in combination with field trip 070306
140243 SE [de es] T IV - VM3 - VM4 - Decoloniality / Interculturality - Critical Views and Social Practice in Global Cultural Geography
140273 VO TEF A - PS I Transdisciplinary Development Research - An International Political Economy Approach (TEF1 + TEF2)
140333 SE SE IE - VM2 - VM4 Corporate Social Responsibility - an Effective Tool to Protect Indigenous and Social Rights?
070253 VO Specialisation Eastern European History I - Die Zeit der Kaiserinnen: Die Jahrzehnte nach Peter dem Großen
070254 VO Specialisation Eastern European History I - Vorlesung: Repression und Lagersystem unter Lenin und Stalin (bis 1941)
070258 SE Specialisation Eastern European History I - Russlands Weg in den Ersten Weltkrieg

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