Universität Wien

Electives and Free Electives

Gemäß Studienplan sind 2 Semesterstunden Wahlfächer und 11 Semesterstunden freie Wahlfächer zu absolvieren (bitte beachten Sie den Prüfungspasscode) .

010035 DS Titel
010041 EX EXCURSION Church- NEIGHBOUR-Religions BOSNIA - Traces of its ecclesiastical past and pastoral present
010054 UE Greek Reading
010061 VO "Killer of the Lord" (Gregory of Nyssa) and "People of the Convenant" (John Paul II.) - Christian Teaching between Anti- Semitism and Repentance
010077 PR Religious education in compulsory schools - Subject related traineeship in compulsory schools
010081 VO The Psychedelic Movement - A religious cult of the 20th Century and its impact on contemporary culture
010096 VO Titel
010368 SE Neoshamanism
010106 KO Conversatorium

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