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Get vaccinated to work and study safely together in autumn.

To enable a smooth and safe start into the semester for all members of the University of Vienna, you can get vaccinated without prior appointment on the Campus of the University of Vienna from Saturday, 18 September, until Monday, 20 September. More information: https://www.univie.ac.at/en/about-us/further-information/coronavirus/.

Electives and Free Electives

Gemäß Studienplan sind 2 Semesterstunden Wahlfächer und 11 Semesterstunden freie Wahlfächer zu absolvieren (bitte beachten Sie den Prüfungspasscode) .

010035 DS Titel
010041 EX EXCURSION Church- NEIGHBOUR-Religions BOSNIA - Traces of its ecclesiastical past and pastoral present
010054 UE Greek Reading
010061 VO "Killer of the Lord" (Gregory of Nyssa) and "People of the Convenant" (John Paul II.) - Christian Teaching between Anti- Semitism and Repentance
010077 PR Religious education in compulsory schools - Subject related traineeship in compulsory schools
010081 VO The Psychedelic Movement - A religious cult of the 20th Century and its impact on contemporary culture
010096 VO Titel
010368 SE Neoshamanism
010106 KO Conversatorium

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