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5. Group of Required Modules Historical Working

070027 PS Proseminar - Robbery and Restitution. Looted Art in Nazi Germany
070109 PS Proseminar - Wirtschaftsgeschichte der Habsburgermonarchie im 19. Jahrhundert
070123 PS Proseminar - History of Southeast Europe
070143 PS Proseminar - Modern Jewish History in European Perspective
070160 PS [de en] Proseminar - Economy, war and society in the later Middle Ages
070185 PS Proseminar - Die Revolution 1848/49: Männer, Frauen, Geschlechterverhältnisse
070212 PS Proseminar - Womens- and Gender History of National Socialism
070292 PS [en] Proseminar - Eurovision: A History of Europe through Popular Music
070372 PS Proseminar - Zeitgeschichte als Filmgeschichte: Von Wien nach Hollywood
070387 PS Proseminar - Proseminar: Modern Hungarian History
070317 PS Proseminar - Eastern Europe in the 20th Century
070002 SE Seminar - Europe in the 18th Century
070051 SE Seminar - Writing History: Literature and Contemporary History
070142 SE Seminar - Towns and Markets. Global trade and local production in South Germany and Austria (17th/18 Centuries)
070151 SE Seminar - Sovereignty, society and politics in german-speaking areas in the middle ages
070273 SE Seminar - Narrating the past - approaches to historiography, 400-1200
070289 SE Seminar - Europe in the 18th Century
070297 SE Seminar - Internationale Beziehungen in der Frühen Neuzeit (ca. 1500-1714/15).
070301 SE Seminar - The "First Wiener Moderne": Vienna in the 18th century
070390 SE Seminar - "The Balkan for the Balkan People". Intraregional space concepts and political Projects of Balkan elites, 19th-21st century.
090057 SE Bachelor's Paper 2 - Politik, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft in der "Krise" des 3. Jahrhunderts n. Chr.
070311 SE Seminar - Staatskunst oder Kulturstaat? Die Kunstpolitik im staatlichen Selbstverständnis der Donaumonarchie
070009 KU Methods of Historical Research and Writing - National Socialism in Vienna
070057 KU Methods of Historical Research and Writing - Europäische Expansion und Biodiversität
070110 KU Methods of Historical Research and Writing - History of the family
180070 VO-L History and Philosophy of Science - On the History and Theory of a Research Field
070334 KU Methods of Historical Research and Writing - Migration and Integration in Austria

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