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PM Specialisation 2: Medieval Age II (approx. 1200 to approx. 1500)

010043 DS Church and marriage in the middle ages - Kirchenrechtliche und kirchengeschichtliche Aspekte
070196 SE Specialisation: - Kinship and Gender. Entangled Relations in late medieval and early modern Europ
070202 SE [en] Specialisation: Medieval Age I / II - Comparative history of war: the West, Japan, and Precolumbian Mexico
070207 SE [en] Specialisation 2 - Coping with health and sickness in the medieval and early modern period
070302 VO Specialisation Eastern European History I - Überblick über die historische Geographie Südosteuropas im Mittelalter (7.-15. Jh.)
070277 VO [en] Specialisation Eastern European History I - The Making of Urban Europe: Middle Ages to the Present

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