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2. Studienabschnitt

070027 PS Proseminar - Politics of Mass Violence in the 20th Century
070029 PS Proseminar - The Revolution of 1848/49 in Europe: Man, Women, Gender Relations
070031 PS Proseminar - Die History of Jews in the late Habsburg Monarchy
070032 PS Proseminar - Economy, war and society in the later Middle Ages
070036 PS Proseminar - An Introduction into scientific writing. The course will present examples of constitutional-texts from the 9th and 10th century
070063 PS Proseminar - Geschichte der Adria im Antike und Mittelalter
070130 PS Proseminar - Produktionsverhältnisse (8.-19. Jh.)
070131 PS Proseminar - Francis of Assisi. Religious Poverty and Urban Wealth
070202 PS Proseminar - Red Vienna and other urban reform projects - Considerations and analysis from a gender perspective.
070245 PS Proseminar - Sozialgeschichte der Familie im Mittelalter und der frühen Neuzeit
070276 PS Proseminar - Modern History of East Central and East European History
070372 PS Proseminar - Film Noir between Exil Research, Film History and Cultural Studies
070303 PS Proseminar - Politics of Mass Violence in the 20th Century
070045 SE Seminar - Work - Space - Design. On the history and practice of office work in Austria
070047 SE Seminar - Aryanization, displacement, deportation of jews in national socialism era
070057 SE Seminar - Austrian protest movement since the 1970s
070156 SE Seminar: Austrian Constitutional History and History of Administration - Sozial ungleiche Städte: Bürgerbücher in vergleichender Sicht. Der Typ Bürger und die Erlangung des Bürgerrechtes
070165 SE Specialisation 1: Questions and Issues of Contemporary History - Staged anniversaries? Austrian radio and television broadcasting since 1924
070177 SE Specialisation Eastern European History I and II - Gender History of the Russian Empire (18th c. - 1917)
070189 SE Specialisation 1: Medieval Age I (to approx. 1200) - Anglo-Saxon England: a new look at the sources
070192 SE Early Modern History (approx. 1500 to approx. 1800) - Strategies and Careers of the Nobility in Europe (1500-1800)
070214 SE Specialisation 1 or 2 - The Fall of the Wall: The End of Communism and the German Unification 1989/90
070218 SE Advanced Module 1: Issues, Problems and Methods of Economic and Social History - The global monetary system since the 19th century
070220 SE Advanced Module 1: Issues, Problems and Methods of Economic and Social History - History of Consumption, 18th to 20th Centuries
070244 SE Seminar Specialisation 1 - Ecological Foot Print of European Expnsion
070270 SE [en] Specialisation 1 or 2 - Austrian intellectual history since the 18th century
070280 SE Specialisation Eastern European History I - Sports and politics in Eastern and Western European and American societies from 1894 to the present day
070390 SE Seminar - Balkan Revolution - the Serbian and the Greek uprising against the Ottoman Empire 1804-1833
070394 SE [en] Specialisation Eastern European History I - The Budapest-Vienna Special Seminar - Revolution as a historical phenomenon
070302 KU New Media in Historical Science and Historical Education - [Diese LV findet geblockt im Februar 2014 statt]
070075 PK Project Course Teaching Methodology in History (II) - Wechselbad der Gefühle. Sozial- und Wirtschaftsgeschichte Österreichs 1918-1955
070076 PK Project Course Teaching Methodology in History (II) - Multikulturalität und Multiethnizität der Habsburgermonarchie, 1515-1915
070061 SE Master Seminar
070092 AG Political Education - History and theories of democracy
070125 SE Master Seminar
070126 SE Master Seminar
070127 SE Master Seminar
070128 SE Master Seminar
070140 SE Master Seminar
070143 SE Master Seminar
070166 SE [de en] Master Seminar
070180 SE [en] Master Seminar
070181 SE Master Seminar
070182 SE Master Seminar
070183 SE Master Seminar
070184 SE Master Seminar
070222 SE Master Seminar
070242 SE Master Seminar
070261 SE Master Seminar
070279 SE Master Seminar
070284 SE Master Seminar
070288 SE Master Seminar
070300 SE Master Seminar
070307 SE Master Seminar
070335 SE Master Seminar

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