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7. Zoology

300472 VO [en] Behavioural ecology
300094 PP Functional Anatomy of Vertebrates - Analyses of selected Movement - Patters
300096 PP Arthropoda - morphology and evolution
300561 PP [en] Molecular Phylogenetics - from the root to the tips of the animal tree - Methods and concepts of molecular phylogenetics: from DNA to interpreted phylogenies
300703 PP Animal Acoustic Signals - Animal Acoustic Signals
300464 UE Limnetic and marine copepods of Europe - Diversity, systematics and ecology of the copepods of Europe (Microcrustaceans)
300158 SE [en] New concepts in light- and electron microscopy - (scientific results, instruments, methods)
300219 SE [en] Cell Imaging and Ultrastructure 1 - Seminar for Master and PhD-students - in Special Cell Imaging and Ultrastructure Research
300356 UE Entomological Laboratory - Taxonomic studies on selected insects
300396 VO Vertebrates - Morphology, Phylogeny, Biology
300544 UE Museological technics - Introduction to the preparation of insects.
300006 VO Social Systems - Social Systems in vertebrates with special emphasis on mechanismus - behaviour - brain-personality-stress, etc.
300076 VO Australian Fauna - examples of evolution, ecology and biogeography
300124 VO The birds of Austria - an ecological and conservationbiological overview
300202 UE Animal observations in the zoo - Basic practical course in observation of zoo kept animals
300548 SE Mutualistic Interactions of plants and ants - Communication & nutritional ecology
300657 UE Identification course for aquatic invertebrates - in Central European freshwaters
300489 VO [de en] Growth and Proportion - Basics of biosystemstheory II
300530 UE [en] Imaging and visualization in developmental biology - Principles and applications, including 3 D Methods
300188 VO [de en] Theoretical Morphology
300515 VO [en] Speciation and coevolution - Concepts und case studies

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