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M1.3 Fachwissenschaft

070169 VO History of Science - Kulturen des Wissens 1500 bis heute
070236 VO Theory of Science and History - Logic of Science - Logic of History
070316 VO [en] Theory of Science and History - Logic of Science - Logic of History
070114 GR Guided Reading - 1945 in international context
070118 GR Guided Reading - Sources, theories and methods for rural history in Europe, 1300-1900
070123 GR Guided Reading - History of Europe
070125 GR Guided Reading - Scientific expeditions from 18th to the early 20th century
070126 GR Guided Reading - Society, Culture, and Politics between Revolution and Forst World War
070128 GR Guided Reading - Global History
070129 GR [en] Guided Reading - British and American Historiography and Political Thought, 18th to 21st Centuries
070131 GR Guided Reading - Introduction to Historical Anthropology
070133 GR Guided Reading - Collecting and doing history
070136 GR Guided Reading - Modernity's Gender. Theories and Sources on Women's and Gender History, 1780-1970
070137 GR Guided Reading - Neue Studien zum Ersten Weltkrieg im europäischen Vergleich
070139 GR Guided Reading - Kulturen des Wissens 1500 bis heute
070188 GR Guided Reading - "The Turks before Vienna". Event and Memory.
070307 GR Guided Reading - Political, social and culture history of Eastern Europe 1650-1914
070315 SE Seminar (PM 4) - Material Culture - Things and their Circulation
070330 GR Guided Reading - Nature-Culture-Gender. Gender-political discussions from a historical perspective

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