Universität Wien FIND

1. Required Modules

010223 VO Basic Course Church History II - Von den Kreuzzügen zum interreligiösen Dialog
020032 VO-L Ecumenical Introduction to Christian Churches - Konfessionskunde
020040 VO-L The Development of Early Christian Creeds - Nicaenum, Apostolicum
140147 VO The non-vedic philosophical-religious traditions of South India - as mirrored in the history of Tamil literature
140137 PS On exchanging, giving and receiving - the significance of the gift in the religious traditions of India
210158 SE [en] M5 a: European Union and Europeanisation - M5a: VertiefungsSE(a) Religions, Politics and Women: Comparing European and Indonesian Experiences and Challenges(engl.)
010055 VO Advanced Course Canon Law II - The Constitution of the Church
030023 VO Legal Position of religious communities in Austria - Zur Rechtsstellung der Religionsgemeinschaften in Österreich

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