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PM Specialisation 1: Issues of Global History: World Regions from the Perspective of Global History

140366 VO Colonialism - Questions, History, Cases
070095 VO Lecture (PM4) - Religion, Confllict and Violence
140131 VO RTV - VM1 / VM5 - Resource conflicts - Current developments in a historical context
070193 SE [en] Seminar (PM4) - Themes in the History of the British Empire
070266 SE [en] Seminar (PM4) - Austrian Africa-Policy from the Era of Kreisky (1970-1983) until today: Coexistence, Policy of Neutrality, Third World (Nonaligned Countries), Development Cooperation
140392 SE [en] VM5 / VM6 - Understanding Central America - From Precolonial Times to Globalization
070236 SE [en] Seminar (PM4) - U.S. Policy and Inter- American Relations: A Historical and Regional View from Late XIX Century to Present Times
070156 SE Seminar zu Geschichte (PM 4) - K&K Kolonialisierung
140316 VO "I have always wanted to do a book about Africa" - a 10-Chapter Approach to Representations of Africa and a Hopefully Innovative Choice of Topics

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