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08. Bachelor-Modul 1

070002 PS Proseminar - Introduction to scientific knowledge and text production using the example of topics related to the Middle Ages and the women's and gender history of the 12th-15th century
070004 PS Proseminar - Gender and psychiatry in the long nineteenth century
070006 PS Proseminar - Political Participation and Gender in Modern History
070085 PS Proseminar - European Integration
070086 PS Proseminar - A cultural history of diplomacy and the law of nations in the Early Modern Age
070088 PS Proseminar - The History of the Jews in the Late Habsburg Empire
070123 PS Proseminar - The Medieval Balkans
070131 PS Proseminar - Europäische Expansion, Akkulturationsprozesse und Globalisierung
070160 PS Proseminar - Cosmography from ancient times to modern era
070166 PS Proseminar - The House of God: Cloistered Lives and Political Communities in the Medieval World
070223 PS BA-Proseminar - Heimatrecht, Staatsbürgerschaft und Option in der Habsburgermonarchie und der Ersten Republik (ca. 1811-1938)
070237 PS Proseminar - Arbeit, Lebensunterhalt und Biographie
070250 PS Proseminar - The River Danube. Trading and Traffic on a European River
070290 PS Proseminar - History of the Ukrainian lands in the "short" 20th Century

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