Universität Wien

2. Required Modules

180008 LPS John Stuart Mill
180012 LPS Schopenhauer - Fundamental Problems of Ethics
180010 VO-GKL Basic Logic
180133 UE-GKL Exercise in Logic
180016 VO-L History of Philosophy I (Antiquity) - From the Presocratics to Plato
070104 VO Theory of Science and History - Philosophy of Science, Theories of the Historical Sciences
180021 SE Hegel, Science of Logic: The Hegelian Concept - Beginning logic of concept
180080 PS Ontology and Metaphysics - The Logical and Ontological Meaning of Modalities
180082 VO-L Philosophy of Labour - Wie bestimmt die gesellschaftliche Beschaffenheit von Tätigkeit und Produktion das Denken und wie das Denken über Arbeit die Vorstellung von Gesellschaft?
180091 SE Historicism and Historical Materialism - Philosophy of History after Hegel
180093 PS Platon: Timaios
180157 PS [de en] The Phenomenology of Habits
030502 KU [en] Constitutionalism 3.0 - also for diploma and doctoral students
180033 SE [en] Theories of Justice
180047 SE Applied Ethics
180066 PS [en] Ethics an Introduction
180084 PS Discourse Ethics or Ethics of Contingency? - Habermas vs. Laclau
180087 SE Figurations of the political being - Plato's and Aristotle's 'zoon politikon' in contemporary reception
180100 VO-L Economy of Relationships - Ethics of an immaterial resource
180174 SE [en] Rationality - Markets - Institutions - Ethics - An Introduction to Philosophy & Economics
180037 VO-L The language of the engineer - A philosophy of media and technology
180076 SE Theorizing the public - Defining a central concept of political philosophy
180078 VO-L Technology and Freedom - Technology between structural hegemony and the promise of freedom
180143 SE History and Development - Geschichte und Entwicklung
180040 VO-L Theory of yogic praxis - Theorie yogischer Praxis
180090 SE The Subaltern Can Speak - Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak and Edward Said
180095 VO-L Dogen and Hegel - considered comparative-philosophical - Dogen "shobo genzo" and Hegel "Phenomenology of Spirit"
180098 SE Philosophy in Latin America 4 (Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia) - Identity, Comparison and Interaction between Latin American and European Thought

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