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Master Module

480015 SE Rusalka/the mermaid in Russian, Ukrainian and Polish literature - Seminar on Literature and Culture
480027 VO Nikolaus Lenau’s Impact on Slavic Literatures - Literature and Culture Studies
480087 SE Language contact, etymology, textology - Seminar on Lingustics
480103 SE Varieties of Slavic languages - M.A. Seminar
480123 SE Russian Literary Journals in the 20th - 21st Centuries - Seminar on Russian Literature and Culture
480131 SE The Disintegration and retrieval of collective memory - Seminar on Literature and Culture
480134 SE Semiotic Analysis of Contemporary Lyrics and Advertising Texts - Seminar on Polish, Slovak and Czech Linguistics
480135 SE Multilingualism and language policy - M.A. Seminar on Lingustics
480163 VO History of Slavic Heresy - Literature and Culture Studies

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