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A. Bachelorstudium Religionspädagogik Schwerpunkt Pädagogik der Religionen (15W)

020025 VO-L (STEOP) STEOP: Theological Encyclopedia - für BA evang. Fachtheologie, Unterrichtsfach und BA Religionspädagogik sowie das EC
010077 PR Religious education in compulsory schools/Adult Education - Subject related traineeship in compulsory schools
010182 SE Religious didactics in compulsory schools - General subject didactics
010006 VO Basic Course Church History I - The first christian millenium
020002 VO Introduction to Islam - The Qur'an, the Obligatory Rituals, the Belief
020008 VO-L History of Israel
020012 VO-L History of the Early Church - STEOP
020035 VO-L (STEOP) StEOP Ages of Church History
010197 VO Advanced Course New Testament I - The Quest for the Historical Jesus
060009 VO History, Culture, Literature and Religion in the Rabbinic Period 2 - Die Midraschim; Mischna und Talmud: Eine Einführung in die Literatur mit Textbeispielen (in Übersetzungen).
140091 VO (STEOP) Introduction to Indology
010035 VU Theory of Religious Education - General subject didactics
010037 SE Basics of religious didactics - (Methoden und Medien des RU)
020001 SE Dogmatics Seminar - The Pneumatology of Paul Tillich
020003 EX [en] Excursion - Excursion to the Sulatanat of Oman
010083 VO Metaphysics
010057 SE Witchcraft- Mania in Early Modern Europe: Background and Dimensions - Controversial Issues in Church History IV
010066 SE Be merciful, just as your father is merciful (Lk 6,36) - The divine mercy in the Holy Scripture, in church documents and the history of spirituality
010084 SE The Bible in Modern Literature - Interdisciplinary Seminar
010089 SE Biologism Naturalism Psychologism: Challenges for a contemporary "Philosophical Anthropology" - Herausforderungen für eine gegenwärtige "Philosophische Anthropologie"
010090 SE Unconditional moral claims in the context of postmetaphysical thinking - Albert Camus - Karl-Otto Apel / Jürgen Habermas - Charles Taylor
010093 SE Ethical Aspects of Sexual Education - Intensive Seminar in cooperation with CEEPUS network "bioethics"

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