Universität Wien

MEC-9 Individual specialization

300029 VO [de en] Water Framework Directive &Habitats Directives &European Standards related to the aquatic vegetation - Basics for assessing the ecological status of waterbodies in Europe
300159 VO Conservation Genetics - Konzepte und Anwendungen am Beispiel ausgewählter Arten , z.B. Wölfe, Tiger, Seeadler, Kondore
300175 VO [en] Microbial Oceanography
300181 UE Biogeochemistry of streams and lakes - Introduction to the determination of ecosystems metabolism and nutrient dynamics in streams and lakes.
300186 UE Field exploration concerning the flora of the Central Alps - and other Austrian regions
300218 SE [en] Advances in Marine Biology, part 2 - Seminars for MS and PhD students in Dept. Marine Biology
300266 UE Aquatic microbial Ecology - Introduction to methods
300268 UE Excursions on vegetation ecology - Excursions on Conservation, Vegetation and Landscape Ecolgy in Austria
300276 UE Rhizosphere
300295 UE Field course "Aquatic habitats" - advanced level
300303 SE [en] Preparatory seminar for "Fauna and Flora of marine habitats" - only together with course 300314
300314 UE [en] Fauna and flora of marine habitats - only together with course 300303
300374 UE [de en] Water Framework Directive: Introduction to Macrophyte survey - Practical application
300471 UE+EX [en] Alpine Plant Life

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