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B-WZB Elective Module Additional Scientific Qualifications for Biologists

240236 VU VU topics - Lecture Series & Workshops
300008 SE Code of practice in science communication - Professional Use of Print and New Media in your career
300013 UE Microscopical course on freshwater algae - Microscopical course on freshwater algae in lakes aimed at EC Water Framework Directive
300016 VO VO: Digital Spatial Analysis - Digital Spatial Analysis (GIS / Remote Sensing / Geo-statistics) als instrument of Conservation Biology and applied Landscape Ecology
300029 VO [de en] Water Framework Directive &Habitats Directives &European Standards related to the aquatic vegetation - Basics for assessing the ecological status of waterbodies in Europe
300033 UE Scientific Communication in the Laboratory - "Hands on - Minds on"
300044 UE [en] Business in Biotech I - Business in Biotech I
300050 UE Scientific Illustration - Introduction to scientific illustration for application in Botany, Ecology and Evolution
300053 SE [de en] Principles of multivariate statistics for biologists - autonoms development of computer programs
300054 UE+EX Limnetic ostracods from Central Europe - Biodiversity, systematics, zoogeography and bioindication
300085 SE [en] COSB Colloquium - Vorträge im Center for Organismal Systems Biology
300098 SE Current topics in philosophy, theology and biology - Interdisciplinary discussions of current topics in Philosophy, Theology and Biology
300105 SE Writer's workshop for biologists - Principles of scientific publication
300108 UE Introduction to Molecular Biological Techniques - Molecular Techniques
300129 VO Bio- and chemodiversity of economic plants - secondary metabolites
300141 VO Aspects of freshwater bioindication - Methods of assessment
300159 VO Conservation Genetics - Konzepte und Anwendungen am Beispiel ausgewählter Arten , z.B. Wölfe, Tiger, Seeadler, Kondore
300197 UE Animal ecological special course - methods and questions in outdoor laboratories
300223 VO Methods of population analysis II: multivariat analysis methods - Multiple regression and correlationmodels; linear and nonlinear models; metaanalysis
300230 UE Animal Behaviour Observation - Practical Course
300231 VO Behavioural biology of aquatic vertebrates - fishes, whales and dolphins
300253 UE [de en] Methods in Field Research - Focus: Birds and small Mammals
300278 VO GMO - the ecological perspective - Genetically Modified Organisms - the ecological perspective
300302 UE Laboratory Safety and Security Culture - biological, radiological and chemical safety and security in research
300303 SE [en] Preparatory seminar for "Fauna and Flora of marine habitats" - only together with course 300314
300314 UE [en] Fauna and flora of marine habitats - only together with course 300303
300324 VO Hygiene-relevant microbiology: The art of Parasitic - a synopsis of a historical Parasitology, and the system of the medicinischen Polizey. Knowledge transfer of the past and medicine-historical roots of the contemporary Parasitology
300335 UE [en] Bio-Acoustics II - Advanced Bioacoustics
300345 UE Application of Geographical Information Systems - Application of Geographical Information Systems, Geo-statistics and Remote Sensing II (for advanced students)
300349 UE Project Management for Ecologists - Planning, Executing and Evaluating interdisciplinary Projects
300374 UE [de en] Water Framework Directive: Introduction to Macrophyte survey - Practical application
300383 SE Economics for Biologists - Preliminary lectures in Economics
300405 UE [de en] Palaeontological field school - Alpine Bear cave
300410 VO General basics of medicine for biologists, Part 2 - The course reinforces knowledge of the skills gained by the course "General basics of medicine for biologists, Part 1". The current lecture will analyse in particular pharmacological aspects as well as disease patterns of the inner organs and musculoskeletal systems.
300428 UE+EX Aquatic Heteroptera identification course - advanced level
300430 EX Vertebrate ecological excursion: Soca/ Isonzo - valley - Habitats in a Karst-river valley from the spring to the estuary
300433 VO Medical parasitology - Transfer of basic knowledge
300438 SE [de en] Seminar in biometry for beginners - Basics of biometrical analysis
300439 UE [de en] Basics in molecular parasitology - Molecular Parasitology (DNA, genomes, PCR, sequencing, mol. phylogeny, designer drugs)
300453 UE Management and Evaluation of Multifactorial Experiments - including Statistics , advanced Graphics Software, Production of Presentations and Web Content
300482 VO The world of mites - morphology, biology, ecology, phylogeny, medical and commercial relevance
300494 VO System ecology of the animals - Fundamentals to the system ecology of the animals
300517 SE+UE Theory and Application of Confocal Microscopy - (parallel courses)
300530 UE [en] Imaging and visualization in developmental biology - Principles and applications, including 3 D Methods
300545 SE Efficient Learning - Revision course to Animal Anatomy, Phylogeny and Evolution (300098) (Parallel courses)
300562 VO Ornithology IV - Ornithology IV

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