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B. Master Degree Programmes in South Asian, Tibetan and Buddhist Studies

Die Vorbesprechung findet am Dienstag, 02.10.2011, 11.00 Uhr s.t. im SR 1 (Bereich Tibet- und Buddhismuskunde) statt. Die Lehrveranstaltungen beginnen - sofern nicht anders angegeben - ab Do, 06.10.2011.

140175 SE Lexicology and Lexicograpy of Early Middle Indic Corpora - with special regard to the Vocabulary of Asoka’s Inscriptions
140155 UE The mythical origin of the Pancaratra tradition - The Ekayanaveda in the Paramesvarasamhita and selected works of the Visistadvaitavedanta
140299 UE The "canonization" of early Saiva practices of worship - selected readings on the Sivadharmasastra (ca. 6. cent.)
140305 UE [bo en] Advanced Modern Tibetan I
140307 UE [bo en] Advanced Modern Tibetan II
140154 SE [en] Ratnakarasanti on the Buddha Bodies - A close reading of the eighth chapter of the Abhisamayalankarakarikavrttisuddhimati

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