Universität Wien

A. Bachelor Degree Programme Religious Education (Religious Studies)

Orientation Period I

Orientation Period II

BAM 01 Introduction to Educational Science

BAM 02 Philosophical Foundations of Curriculum

BAM 03 Practica and Language Instruction

BAM 04 Introduction to Philological and Hermeneutical Studies

BAM 05 Introduction to History of Religion and Systematic Theology

BAM 06 Ethics

BAM 07 History of Religion

010223 VO Basic Course Church History II - Von den Kreuzzügen zum interreligiösen Dialog

BAM 08 Philological and Cultural Studies

010077 VO Advanced Course New Testament II - Paul and His Letters

BAM 09 Alternative Compulsory Module Didactics

BAM 09a Didactics Catholic Religious Education

010037 SE Basics of religious didactics - (Methoden und Medien des RU)

BAM 09b Didactics Protestant Religious Education

BAM 10c Extension Course General Pedagogy of Religion 1: History of Religion

BAM 11c Extension Course General Pedagogy of Religion 2: Comparative Religion and Applied Study of Religions

BAM 12 Critique of Religion and Doctrine of God

Religionswissenschaftliche Vertiefung

Seminar zur Religionskritik

Seminar zur interdisziplinären Forschung

Vorlesung und Seminar zur Religionsphilosophie

Vorlesung und Seminar zur Seelsorge/Pastoralpsychologie/Religionspsychologie

Vorlesung zu Religionstheologien

BAM 13 Bachelor Module

010038 SE "Why do you seek the living One among the dead?" - Easter Narratives in Canonical and Apocryphal Gospels

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