Universität Wien FIND

C. Diploma degree programme

300237 UE Structure of Plants - from cells to ecology
300001 VO (STEOP) STEOP: B-BIO 1 Introductory Lecture in Biology I - Anthropology, ecology, palaeobiology, botany and zoology
300538 UE Animal Identification Course - in parallel courses
300104 UE Genetics and Molecular Biology - A Lecture and Practical for Teachers
300032 SE Research in biology didactics 1 - Presentation and Discussion of researchfields and recent research projects
300350 UE Experiments in Biology and Environmental Sciences: Zoology - Experiments Designed for Teaching Animal Physiology at High Schools
300046 VO Biological Invasions - Neobiota and their relevance
300058 VO Urban Ecology
300127 VO Biology of lichens - Biology of lichens
300146 VO Mammalogy - Physiology, Behavior and Ecology
300237 UE Structure of Plants - from cells to ecology
300356 UE Entomological Laboratory - Taxonomic studies on selected insects
300380 EX Zoological basic excursions - Excursions in autumn and winter
300426 VO Introduction into Human Ecology - Introduction into Human Ecology
300434 VO [de en] Fish ecology - Lecture Ecology of Fishes (species diversity; fish assemblages; food and feeding; bionergetics; growth; reproduction, biotic interactions; populationsdynamics; habitat selection).
300548 SE Mutualistic Interactions of plants and ants - Communication & nutritional ecology
300669 VO Management of endangered species - practical species protection in marine and terrestrial ecosystems

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