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UF MA BU 01. Special topics in biology

300010 VO Social Systems - Social Systems in vertebrates with special emphasis on mechanismus - behaviour - brain-personality-stress, etc.
300018 VO Animal Vocalization - Sound Production, Reception and Communication
300124 VO The birds of Austria - an ecological and conservationbiological overview
300126 VO Water Management in Austria - Erfolge, Probleme, Tendenzen
300137 VO [en] Basics of Neuroscience
300139 VO Spatial analytic methods in Conservation Biology - Introduction to GIS
300188 VO [de en] Theoretical Morphology
300271 VO [en] Principles and practice of advanced microscopic technques - life sciences applications using theory and case studies
300305 VO [de en] Elementary hydrobotany
300326 VO [en] Aquatic Viral Ecology
300407 VO [en] DNA-Tumor Viruses, from Cancer Agent to therapy - Elective Course in Molecular Medicine
300412 VO [en] Plant Biogeography
300434 VO [de en] Fish ecology - Lecture Ecology of Fishes (species diversity; fish assemblages; food and feeding; bionergetics; growth; reproduction, biotic interactions; populationsdynamics; habitat selection).
300472 VO [en] Behavioural ecology
300474 VO Management of protected sites - National Parks in Austria- Conservation goals, Management and Perspectives
300515 VO [en] Speciation and coevolution - Concepts und case studies
300585 VO [de en] Translation in Eukaryotes I
300586 VO Molecular Medicine 2 - Molecular Aspects of Medical Research
300670 VO Legal basics and implementation in nature conservation - with an emphasis on EU Nature Directives

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