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4.6.2. Criminal Justice and Criminology - Elective Area

030011 KU Mediation in Penal Law - Mediation and other alternative reactions and sanctions in penel law
030056 SE Seminar - Current Questions in Criminal Procedure Law
030138 SE Seminar of Tax and Crime - Seminar for diploma and doctoral students
030196 SE Terrorism and organised crime - extensions to criminal liability and the limits of criminal law (for diploma and doctoral students)
030210 KU Gender studies in criminology - gilt als LV für das Spezialisierungs-EC Strafrecht
030287 SE Law and Literature: "Judge Savage" by Tim Parks - based on the book "Judge Savage" by Tim Parks
030300 SE Seminar on Legal Philosophy: On the Theory of Punishment and Criminal Law - Criminal Law and Human Dignity (for diploma and doctoral students)
030324 KU Media Law
030325 KU Appearance and Implications of illegal Marketplaces - using the examples drugs and sexual services
030336 SE Intercultural criminal law - für DiplomandInnen und DissertantInnen
030463 KU Teaching: hands-on training - Teaching: hands- on training

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