Universität Wien

B11-7. Weitere Pflichtmodule

290003 SE Bachelorseminar Human Geography: From consumption in spaces to consumption of spaces - (auch für Lehramtsstudierende im Bachelor- und Diplomstudium)
290015 SE Bachelorseminar Human Geography: Selected Topics in Geographical Research on Migration &Displacement - (auch für Lehramtsstudierende im Bachelor- und Diplomstudium)
290017 SE Bachelorseminar in Physical Geography: Geomorphology and Geoecology - (auch für Lehramtsstudierende im Diplom- und Masterstudium)
290103 SE Bachelorseminar Human Geography (Economic Geography): Metropolis, Weltstadt, Global Cit - Urban Transformation in the recent Globalization Process
290113 SE Bachelorseminar Human Geography: Current Topics of Urban Geography - (auch für Lehramtsstudierende im Bachelor- und Diplomstudium)
290379 SE Bachelorseminar Spatial Research & Spatial Planning: - Current Problems and Action Strategies of Spatial Planning
290138 EX Physiogeographical Field Trip: Austria's Grand Canyon - Geomorphology and geoecology of the "Ötschergräben"
290013 EX Field Trip: The Village of Tomorrow - Modern Strategies to Revitalize Village Centers in Lower Austria
290026 EX Field Trip: Housing in transition - Ideals and realities of urban planning and design. Examples from the city of Vienna

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