Universität Wien

2. Masterprogramme Botany

300064 UE [de en] Structural Diversity of Flowers - Morphology, systematics and evolution of flowering plants
300352 UE [en] Special Methods of Structural Botany 1 - Special Methods of Structural Botany 1
300540 SE+UE [en] Biotic Interactions and Co-Evolution - theoretical and practical aspects
300007 VO Molecular Biology of plants II - Molecular Physiology
300129 VO Bio- and chemodiversity of economic plants - secondary metabolites
300204 UE [en] Design and analysis of field studies in mountain environments - determinants of plant and insect diversity in the European Alps
300268 UE Excursions on vegetation ecology - Excursions on Conservation, Vegetation and Landscape Ecolgy in Austria
300659 SE [en] Limnology Seminar - Current research and ecological concepts

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