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§ 57.3. Philosophy Second Stage of the Degree Programme

180045 VO History of Philosophy 3 - For Teachers
180019 PS The phenomenological reduction - Concept, method, and its significance for current debates on consciousness and self-consciousness
180125 SE Limits of knowledge - limits of believe in Kant and Hegel
180037 SE Responsibility in technology, media and science - Challenges to and Transformation of a Traditional Concept
180077 SE Humans on Escape - Homo Sacer: Gorgio Agamben
180122 SE Ethics, Human Rights and Justice in Psychoanalysis - Contemporary Psychoanalysis
180158 SE [en] On Social Agency
180080 SE What is life? - Konzepte in Lebensphilosophien und Biowissenschaften (bis21. Jh.)
010009 FS Judith Butler: aesthetics - ethics - gender - Forschungsseminar zu Frauen-, Männer- und Geschlechterforschung
180021 SE Causality and Freedom - History of a Problem from Kant to the Present
180033 SE Environment, Milieu, Niche - Medias before Medias
180049 SE Spaces
180124 SE Methodological foundations of comparative philosophy - Philosophical anthropology in the present
180140 SE Also Clio composes poetry - Historiography between science and art
180142 SE Bodies that matter - Introduction Into the Basic Concepts of Philosophical Gender Studies: Bodies

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