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Law in a Historical, Social and Philosophical Context (036)

030270 KO Conversatorium in Legal Philosophy - for students of an Extension Curriculum
030118 KU Elective Course 2 hours, with continuous assessment - Die zwiespältige Rolle der Medien in Strafverfahren
030194 KU Islam in Europe - (Issues from) Legal history and contemporory legal developments
030263 KU [en] From the protection of persecuted co-religionist to the protection of universal human rights - Theory and practice of humanitarian interventions in historcial perspective
030316 VO [en] Law and Empire
030370 KU [it] Roman Public Law
030378 KU Justice and Rule of Law - Grundfragen des Rechtssystems anhand aktueller Beispiele
030393 SE Seminar on history of international law - for diploma and doctoral students

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