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P4 Thematic Fields of Research

Bei LVs, die von anderen Studienprogrammleitungen angeboten werden, bitte unbedingt die ECTS beachten! Eine etwaige Anmeldung erfolgt außerdem über die zuständige Studienprogrammleitung.

240041 VS Anthropology for the practice (3.2.2) - Students as knowledge mediators in the work for and with Asylseekers and refugees
240520 SE Foundations in the history and sociology of science for the production of knowledge (P4) - in transnational and trans-cultural spaces with examples of current project activities in East Africa
240525 SE [en] Human Betterment Utopias (P4) - eugenic ideas and concepts from the political left and the political right
240526 SE [en] The ‘South’? (P4)
240527 SE [en] Borders, Frontiers, Borderlands (P3, P4) - Anthropological Perspectives on (Eastern) Europe and the Mediterranean
240537 SE [en] Anthropological approaches to myth and ritual (P4) - Lessons from 18th-century Kamchatka and new perspectives

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