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APA Alternative mandatory modul A

240041 VS Anthropology for the practice (3.2.2) - Students as knowledge mediators in the work for and with Asylseekers and refugees
240520 SE Foundations in the history and sociology of science for the production of knowledge (P4) - in transnational and trans-cultural spaces with examples of current project activities in East Africa
240525 SE [en] Human Betterment Utopias (P4) - eugenic ideas and concepts from the political left and the political right
240526 SE [en] The ‘South’? (P4)
240527 SE [en] Borders, Frontiers, Borderlands (P3, P4) - Anthropological Perspectives on (Eastern) Europe and the Mediterranean
240537 SE [en] Anthropological approaches to myth and ritual (P4) - Lessons from 18th-century Kamchatka and new perspectives

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