Universität Wien

27.02. Doctoral Study Chemistry

270011 SE (PH-NÖ) Special Didactics Chemistry - for Diploma and PhD students
270030 SE Seminar in Analytical Chemistry - Lecture and discussion forum of diverse topics in Analytical Chemistry
270057 SE [en] Molecular Modelling
270060 SE Seminar: Methods of Biomolecularen Simulation - Seminar: Methods of Biomolecularen Simulation
270088 SE [de en] Instrumental Analysis
270136 SE [en] Seminar about asymmetric synthesis methods - insbesondere für DissertantInnen
270143 SE [en] Chemistry Journal Club
270215 VO Bioactive Compounds in Foods - Protective and Risk Factors for Humans
270223 SE Seminar: Electrostatics of Biomolecules - Seminar: Electrostatics of Biomolecules
270254 SE Strategies für the development of tumor inhibiting metal complexes - for Master- and PhD-Students of the department
442712 SE Journalclub for PhD Students - Part 1

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