Universität Wien

Pflichtmodulgruppe Einführung in den Forschungsprozess. Design und Methoden.

070115 PS MA-Proseminar - A Contemporary History of the Social Cleavage
070111 PS MA-Proseminar - A History of Disciplin in Modern Military
070186 KU Methodenkurs - Methods of Transnational History
070114 KU KU Methodenkurs - Methods in Cultural History: Qualitative and Quantitative Methods Used in Historical Studies
070296 AR Methods in cultural history - Kulturgeschichtliche Methoden
070122 AR AR Workshop 1: Interpretation und Analyse von Texten - Combining Qualitative and Quantitative research Methods
170602 SE MA 1.1. "Forms of Staging and Aesthetic Perception" - Kino Sports: Towards an Amateur Film Archaeology

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