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M4b Pflichtmodul Wahlbereich- Spezialthemen zu Zeitgeschichte und Medien

070048 SE Seminar (PM4) - The Tourist Gaze. Visual Cultures of Travelling.
070052 VO Lecture (PM4) - Film in Austria. A History of Cinema and Television (from the late Habsburg monarchy to the present)
070053 SE Seminar (PM4) - "The Relationship between Art and Culture and Everyday Life in Vienna: Institutions, Environment and Discourse"
070055 SE Seminar (PM4) - From Pre-Code Hollywood to Film Noir: Visual Pleasures and Sexual Subversions
080131 VO+UE B620 Culture and Society: "Fear of the Turks. - The construction of "Fear of the Turks" and "Othering" through the Habsburger. An example of history of mentalities.
140359 SE Performativity and Agency in African Films - Gender and Religion as Categories of Analysis in Contemporary Visual Discourses
210134 SE M10 b: SpezialisierungsSE Culture and Politics - Political Image and Metaphor
410007 SE Between Communication Research and Contemporary History - The Case Study of National Socialist Print Media in Austria 1918-1938: Interdisciplinary seminar for doctoral candidates

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