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M02 D Ethik im Kontext von Religionen und Kulturen

010072 VU [en] Confucianism
020019 VO-L Women in the history of church - Gender im religiösen, ethischen und kulturellem Kontext
030352 SE [en] Foundations and Applications of Discrimination Law - für DiplomandInnen und DissertantInnen
030384 SE Contemporary Legal Philosophy I: Christoph Menke - for diploma and doctoral students
030502 KU [en] An Introduction to Legal Theory - also for diploma and doctoral students
180026 SE Justifications of injustice - Law and morality in Nazism
180045 SE The question of god - as a bridge between philosophy and religion(s)
180105 SE Mexico in consideriation of the Caribbean area - Identity, Comparison, and Interaction between Latin American and European
180143 SE Framework of comparatives Philosophy - Its Way of Thinking and Its Relevance for a global World

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