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M02 B Ethik im Kontext von Leben und Gesundheit

010049 SE Suicidal crisis - psychological, philosophical and theological problems - Psychologische, philosophische und theologische Auseinandersetzung mit dem Problem der Suizidalität
140121 VO [de en] (SGU) VM1 / VM7 - Coloniality under De_Construction - Decolonial Perspectives and Activisms
180033 SE Environment, Milieu, Niche - Medias before Medias
180055 SE The use of pleasures - Foucault on ancient practices of the self
180059 SE A book for everyone and no one - Nietzsches Zarathustra und die Folgen
180068 SE [en] Rationality, Intentionality and Planning Agency - The Work of Michael Bratman
180080 SE What is life? - Konzepte in Lebensphilosophien und Biowissenschaften (bis21. Jh.)
180122 SE Ethics, Human Rights and Justice in Psychoanalysis - Contemporary Psychoanalysis
180138 VO Liberty, equality and power - The interaction of gender and philosophy.
180142 SE Bodies that matter - Introduction Into the Basic Concepts of Philosophical Gender Studies: Bodies

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