Universität Wien

Master Religious Education (Emphasis: Catholic Religious Education) (796 [1] - Version 2015) - discontinued

MRP 01 Compulsory Module Biblical Studies (9 ECTS)

MRP 02 Compulsory Module Systematic Theology (6 ECTS)

MRP 03 Compulsory Module Pre-Professional Scientific-Pedagogical Education and Practice in Religious Education (12 ECTS)

MRP 04a Compulsory Module: Extension Course in Biblical Studies (3 ECTS)

MRP 05a Compulsory Module: Extension Course in Philosophy and Systematic Theology (15 ECTS)

MRP 06a Extension Course in Catholic Religious Education (11 ECTS)

Compulsory Courses (6 ECTS)

Christian Philosophie (5 ECTS)

Biblical Subjects (5 ECTS)

MRP 07a Compulsory Module: Extension Course Didactics and Practical Theology (18 ECTS)

010093 VO Advanced Course Canon Law I - Law of the Sacraments including Matrimonial Law of the Church

MRP 08a Compulsory Module: Ecumenical Studies and Extension Course Practice in Religious Education (11 ECTS)

010012 SE ( KPH ) Bible didactics

MRP 9 Master Module (10 ECTS)

010026 SE Basics and methods for Church History - An Introduction
010052 FS Walter Benjamin's History and Religion - Wahrnehmung von Geschichte und Religion bei Walter Benjamin
010056 FS Research Seminar for Graduands: Transformation of Religion - DiplomandInnen-, DissertantInnen und HabilitandInnenseminar
010064 FS One truth - but many faces? - On tensions between christology and a pluralistic theology of religion
010066 SE Spiritual discernment - charism and virtue
010106 SE Theology - Architecture - Aesthetics - Sacral Architecture in Vienna since 1900

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