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4.1.1. Philosophy of Law, Ethics of Law and Methodology - Core Area (Philosophy, Ethics and Theory of Law)

030234 SE Animal Welfare, Hunting and Indigenous Rights - (for diploma and doctoral students)
030300 SE Seminar on Legal Philosophy: On the Theory of Punishment and Criminal Law - Criminal Law and Human Dignity (for diploma and doctoral students)
030352 SE [en] The Rule of Law on the International Level - for diploma and doctoral students
030426 KU Political Philosophy and Philosophy of Law - First Part: Antiquity and Middle Ages
030502 KU [en] An Introduction to Legal Theory - also for diploma and doctoral students
380001 VO [de en] Legal Methods - (anrechenbar gem § 4 (1) lit a Dr. Studienplan 2009)
380011 VO [de en] Legal Methods and the Conception of Law - Major Developments in a Comparative Perspective
380031 KU [de en] System and Metholdogy: The Ethics of Spinoza - (gilt als Textanalyse gem § 4 (1) lit b Dr.-Studienplan 2009)

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