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4.2.1. European and Comparative History of Law - Core Area

030194 KU Islam in Europe - (Issues from) Legal history and contemporory legal developments
030263 KU [en] From the protection of persecuted co-religionists to the protection of universal human rights - Theory and practice of humanitarian interventions in historcial perspective
030331 KU Digest Exegesis
030510 VO [en] Comparative Imperial History: - Imperial Management from the Holy Roman Empire and other "Old Empires" to the United States of America and the European Union
030576 KU To be Jewish in Austria as Reflected in Law. Historical Perspectives and Topical Questions - Historische Schlaglichter und aktuelle Fragestellungen
030673 KU Famous church processes from Early Modern Age to present age - vertiefende Lehrveranstaltung gem. § 21 (3) Stp

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