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4.12. International Private Commercial Law and Comparative Law - Core Area

030218 KU Introduction to Tort Law - With aspects of comparative law; also for students from other faculties
030228 KU Introduction to Austrian Sports Law - with particular reference to private law issues - with aspects of comparative law
030367 KU Comparative Legal Research - with consideration to international Sources and Comparative Law
030403 VO [en] International Commercial Arbitration - Internationale Handelsschiedsgerichtsbarkeit
030509 SE [de sl] Civil Law, Conflict of Laws - for diploma and doctoral students
030512 SE Seminar on Private International Law and Comparative Law - with excursion to Lausanne (for diploma and doctoral students)
030521 SE Seminar on Uniform Law - For diploma and doctoral students
030526 SE Tort law and financial crises - Comparing case law in Germany and Austria reacting to the crisis. For diploma and doctoral students
030534 KU [en] Uniform Sales Law - Basics and Appication (prep course for the VIS Moot Court)
030536 KU The System of European Union Law - unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Wirtschaftsverfassungsrechts, des Binnenmarktrechts und des Gemeinschaftsprivatrechts
030541 KU [en] Comparative Constitutional Studies - Part III: Electoral Systems
030587 KU [en] Ecocide - 5th crime against peace - a project oriented English course for lawyers

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