Universität Wien

VM1 Political aspects of development research (15 ECTS)

140161 VO (NR) Landgrabbing in historicial and global perspective - Landnahmen in historischer und globaler Perspektive
140060 VO (SGU) Inequality - Questions, History, Cases
140401 SE (MOB) VM1 / VM5 - Transnational actors, movements and groups - and the concept of the nation state in the Middle East
140332 SE [en] (SGU) VM1 / VM2 - International Environment and Economic Development - Globalization and its implications, financial crises, trade liberalization, migration, foreign aid
140020 SE VM3 / VM1 - On the relationship between structures, practices and identities - contemporary theories of intersectionality
140384 SE (NR) VM1 / VM6 - Global political ecology - Global political ecology of transformation
140056 SE [de en] (SGU) VM1 / VM8 - Disabilities and Ableism as human rights concerns - A rights-based perspective on development guidelines
140365 VO+UE (NR) VM1 / VM2 - Ressources and Development - Sustainable Development on Basis of Ressources: Debates, Conflicts and Strategies

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