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VM5 Historical Aspects of Development Research (15 ECTS)

140060 VO (SGU) Inequality - Questions, History, Cases
140161 VO (NR) Landgrabbing in historicial and global perspective - Landnahmen in historischer und globaler Perspektive
140021 SE VM5 / VM7 - The International Labour Organization - and the challenge of global inequality in the world of work
140401 SE (MOB) VM1 / VM5 - Transnational actors, movements and groups - and the concept of the nation state in the Middle East
140373 VO+UE VM5 / VM4 - Stolen History - Racism and Eurocentrism in Historical Perspective
140387 VO+UE [de en] (NR) VM5 / VM8 - Change through Negotiating - Understanding through Experience - simulating an international conference for sustainable development in all of its aspects
140410 VO+UE [en] (MOB) VM5 / VM6 - Beyond development - Debates on development and its alternatives in Latin America
140059 VO+UE [en] (SGU) VM2 / VM5 - 'You are not a loan' - social movements and resistance against debt
140019 VO The Sudan in the 19th Century: - Hegemonial Intentions, European Colonialism and the "Discovery" of Africa

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