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M1b Introduction to Focuses II: Media Theories and History of the Media (10 ECTS)

060018 SE Jewish Welcome - The Oral History of Jewish Migration and Remigration to Austria 1945 - 2017
080123 VO+UE [en] M120 Detailed Representations I: Religion and Rituality in Action: - 1) New Religious Practices in/and New Media; 2) Public Events and Festivals Case Studies from Europe
210110 VO M4: SpezialVO International Politics and Development - Transformation processes in international politics
210117 VO M6: SpezialVO Austrian Politics - Politics of Rememberance
230006 VO Sociological methodology and methods - Basics, critique, and new developments in empirical research
230045 SE Guided Reading: Political Movements - Selected Theoretical Paradigms: Feminist and Critical Theory

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