Universität Wien

Specialization in Cultural Sciences (40 ECTS)

140235 VO+UE Bambara: Grammar 2
140293 VO+UE Hausa: Grammar 2
140311 VO+UE Hausa: Exercises 2
140313 VO+UE Swahili: Grammar 2
040237 VO European Company Law (MA) - (MA)
070063 VO Lecture (PM4) - Revolution! A history of the upheaval in Central Europe against the backdrop of international tensions, 1914 - 1924
070230 VO Lecture - Musketen und Moneten: Eine Militärgeschichte der Neuzeit
040226 SE [en] Political Processes and Governance in the EU - Which role for the European Parliament (MA)
040229 SE [en] Policy in the EU - The EU between market constituion and market correction
140152 VO (NR) Commodities and Development: Current Issues and Historical Context - Aktuelle Auseinandersetzungen im historischen Kontext
140365 VO+UE (NR) VM1 / VM2 - Ressources and Development - Sustainable Development on Basis of Ressources: Debates, Conflicts and Strategies
150075 VO [en ja] Japanese Writing Systems
150076 UE [en ja] Japanese Grammar II
150092 UE [en ja] Business Japanese
150224 VO [en] Intercultural Negotiation Patterns - (SoSe)
040283 KU [zh] Business Chinese
150049 KU [zh] Modern Chinese 1b - MA
150050 KU [zh] Speaking Lab 1b - MA
150074 PKU [zh] STEOP: Modern Chinese 1a
150098 KU [zh] STEOP: Speaking Lab 1a
140137 PS India's philosophical schools - a survey based on selected doxographies - Ein Überblick anhand ihrer Darstellung in ausgewählten Doxographien
140158 VO The pluralistic dimension of Indian culture past and present - The contribution of some less examined traditions

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