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Aspects and Regions (18 ECTS)

070210 GR Guided Reading - From Millstones to Peasant Wars. Rural Society between the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period
070032 EX (PH-WIEN) Field trip - Vienna, Ringstrasse
070064 EX Excursion - Carinthia-Friuli Venezia Giulia-Slovenia. Political conflicts and the culture of memory in the Alps-to-Adriatic region in the 20th century
070157 EX Excursion - "My Vienna" - Lieux de mémoire in transformation
070245 EX (PH-NÖ) Exploring the world - space and knowledge in the Late middle ages and the Early modern period - "Gegen das Vergessen" - Spuren der Geschichte in Berlin
070002 GR Guided Reading - Österreichische Geschichte 1848-1938
070012 GR Guided Reading - Gender and Diplomacy
070013 GR Guided Reading - Church and Society: Saints and Their Communities in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages
070020 GR Guided Reading - "wer wizzentlich ein menslek beget" - Violence in cities in the late Middle Ages
070023 GR Guided Reading - The downfall of the Danube monarchy. - The downfall of the Danube monarchy. Explanatory models to preconditions, course and consequences
070041 GR [en] Guided Reading - The Politics of regret: Apology and Forgiveness as Tools of international politics
070043 GR [en] Guided Reading - The history, the historians and the human rights
070048 GR Guided Reading - Travel in China - European impressions and Chinese experiences (17th to 21st centuries)
070049 GR [en] Guided Reading - The Habsburg Monarchy c. 1815-1918: Themes and debates
070053 GR Guided Reading - Gender and body norms
070055 GR Guided Reading - The Diplomat and the Law of Nations
070061 GR Guided Reading - The Things We Carry. Migration History and Material Culture
070072 GR Guided Reading - City and Hinterland in the Middle Ages
070074 GR Guided Reading - begleitend zur VO " Sexuelle Gewalt - von der ‚Moderne‘ zur Gegenwart"
070083 GR Guided Reading - Questions, themes and history of Women's ander Gender History
070085 GR Guided Reading - Plans - culture - history(16th- 19th century)
070090 GR Guided Reading - Constitution, Economy and Society in the Middle Ages
070113 GR Guided Reading - Anti-semitism or anti-semitisms? Anti-judaic discourses through the centuries
070127 GR [en] Guided Reading - Medieval Survey - Sources, 200-1500
070129 GR Guided Reading - Russian Urban History
070132 GR Guided Reading - The Early Modern Time in Eastern,Central,and Western Europe
070140 GR Guided Reading - Quellen und Literatur zur osteuropäischen Geschichte im MA und in der FNZ
070153 GR Guided Reading - Thirty Years War in Cultural History: Conflict Culture - war experience - images of self and other
070169 GR Guided Reading - East Central and South Eastern Europe form the beginning of the 19th century until 1920
070177 GR Guided Reading - Nationalism, Violence and the Reshaping of Europe after the First World War
070189 GR Guided Reading - Structures of governance in medieval Europe - diversity and development
070228 GR Guided Reading - Foodways in History. Structural changes and developments, 18th - 20th century.
070242 GR Guided Reading - The historical phenomenon "Cossacks": from the beginning of the beginning og the 19th century
070246 GR Guided Reading - `Geschlecht als historische Kategorie: wie weiter?`
070260 GR Guided Reading - Monster & Co. Zur Bedeutung des Wundersamen in der Frühen Neuzeit
070262 GR Guided Reading - Wissenschaftsgeschichte - Themenfelder, Probleme und Perspektiven
070265 GR Guided Reading - European Dynasties (1400-2000)
070290 GR Guided Reading - Grundzüge des mittelalterlichen Mönchtums (ca.300-1300)
070299 GR Guided Reading - Insights into women's lives based on primary sources of the 6th to the 14th century in Europe
070357 GR Guided Reading - The Economy of Social Relations
070359 GR Guided Reading
240045 GR Individuelle Schwerpunktsetzung - prüfungsimmament (4 ECTS) - Ehebruch vom 17.-20. Jahrhundert. Norm und Praxis
070107 VO Global History
070236 VO Economic and Social History - Economy and Society in Europe, 1000-2000
070021 PS BA-Proseminar - Feminism, Journalism and transformations of media publics
070028 PS BA-Proseminar - Past and Future: Historical Imagery, Gender and Migration in new TV-Series
070059 PS Proseminar - Public History
070077 PS Proseminar - Economic History and Globalization
070148 PS Proseminar - Fear of Germany. The German Problem in International Politics, 1814-1990
070172 PS BA-Proseminar - Der Balkan im Mittelalter
070219 PS Proseminar - Der Kalte Krieg (1947-1991)
070238 PS BA-Proseminar - (Zwangs-)Migrationen in Mitteleuropa nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg
070280 PS BA-Proseminar - Geschichte des Films
070292 PS BA-Proseminar - Gedenkkultur in Österreich 1918-2018
070293 PS BA-Proseminar - Feminism, Journalism and transformations of media publics
070294 PS BA-Proseminar - Feminism, Journalism and transformations of media publics
070338 PS (PH-WIEN) Proseminar - Von der Kolonialisierung zur Dekolonisation: Bilder, Karten und Textquellen zur europäischen Expansion
070372 PS Proseminar - Verhandeln will gelernt sein. Politische Kommunikation in der Frühen Neuzeit

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