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180113 VO Lecture Series
070063 VO Lecture (PM4) - Revolution! A history of the upheaval in Central Europe against the backdrop of international tensions, 1914 - 1924
090026 VO History (Byz.)
150224 VO [en] Intercultural Negotiation Patterns - (SoSe)
070078 VO Lecture (PM4) - Genocides and war crrimes int the 20th century
070035 VO [en] Lecture (PM4) - Logic of Science and Logic of History
070040 VO Lecture (PM4) - Growth and Business Cycle Theory for Historians
070220 VO Lecture (PM4) - (Flucht)migration Bilanz und Perspektiven
070270 VO Lecture (PM4) - Schauplätze Österreichichscher Umweltgeschichte im 20. Jahrhundert
070284 VO Lecture - Austrian History in the age of Maria Theresia and Joseph II.
070271 VO Lecture Specialisaton 1 - Revolutions and guerilla-movements in Contiental America and the Caribbean in the 19th and 20th Centuries
010004 VO Advanced Course Church History I - The relationship between Church and State
010223 VO Basic Course Church History II - Das zweite christliche Jahrtausend. Von den Kreuzzügen zum interreligiösen Dialog
090009 VO Greek History 2
090005 VO Roman History 2
090014 VO Ancient History and Classical Studies - Geschichte und Kultur einer antiken Großmacht
090017 VO Lecture in Roman History - Die theodosianische Dynastie
010029 SE Orthodox Fundamentaltheology - Fundamentaltheologische Fragen aus orthodoxer Perspektive
060011 VO Alt-Neuland on the Screen: 70 years of Israeli Fiction Film - in Cooperation with the Embassy of the State of Israel and METRO-Kinokulturhaus
070230 VO Lecture - Musketen und Moneten: Eine Militärgeschichte der Neuzeit

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