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Bachelor Sinology (611 [3] - Version 2016)

150098 KU [zh] STEOP: Speaking Lab 1a
150085 KU [de zh] Modern Chinese 1b (M1)
150086 KU [de zhen zh] Speaking Lab 1b (M1)
150088 KU [de zh] Speaking Practice 1b (M1)
150143 KU [de zh] Reading 2b (M2)
150055 KU [de zh] Specialist Language (M3)
150117 KU [zh] Reading Press (M3)
150043 UE Research Methods PR (Politics, Economy, Law) - Introduction to Empirical Research Methods in the Social Sciences
150216 UE Scientific Working (History and Society) (M5) - China in Vienna: An ethnografic survey
150038 SE [en] Social movements (M7)
010070 VU [en] Confucianism
030371 KU [en] Legal System in China

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