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M1.3 Special Branch of Science (20 ECTS)

070023 GR Guided Reading - The downfall of the Danube monarchy. - The downfall of the Danube monarchy. Explanatory models to preconditions, course and consequences
070033 KU KU Methodenkurs - Methods in Cultural History: Qualitative and Quantitative Methods Used in Historical Studies
070034 AR AR Workshop 1: Analysis and Presentation of Data Series in Historical Studies - Analysis and Presentation of Data Series in Historical Studies
070035 VO [en] Lecture (PM4) - Logic of Science and Logic of History
070049 GR [en] Guided Reading - The Habsburg Monarchy c. 1815-1918: Themes and debates
070061 GR Guided Reading - The Things We Carry. Migration History and Material Culture
070083 GR Guided Reading - Questions, themes and history of Women's ander Gender History
070085 GR Guided Reading - Plans - culture - history(16th- 19th century)
070090 GR Guided Reading - Constitution, Economy and Society in the Middle Ages
070138 AR Methoden-Workshop - Close Reading
070146 KU [en] KU Methodenkurs - Tools and Techniques for Digital Humanities
070177 GR Guided Reading - Nationalism, Violence and the Reshaping of Europe after the First World War
070178 AR [en] AR Methoden- Workshop - Oral history - theoretical and methodological introduction
070201 AR Policy Field Analysis: the Habsburg monarchy under the reign of Emperor Francis Joseph - Politikfeldanalyse: die Habsburgermonarchie unter Kaiser Franz Josef
070262 GR Guided Reading - Wissenschaftsgeschichte - Themenfelder, Probleme und Perspektiven
070283 VO History of Science - Geschichte der Quantifizierung
070296 AR Text and discourse analysis for historical research - Historische Text- und Diskursanalyse
180015 PS [en] Reality of Experience and Experience of Reality - Metaphysics of Subjectivity
230208 VO [en] Techno-Science and Society: Communicating and Interacting - Central Issues, Questions and Concepts

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