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Bachelor Slavonic Studies (650 [2] - Version 2011)

Curriculum für das Bachelorstudium Slawistik (Version 2011)
Weitere Informationen zum Bachelorstudium Slawistik (Version 2011)

480006 KO German-Slovene contrastive based on journalistic texts - Colloquium on Slovene Linguistics
480079 KO Dialects and language varieties in popular culture - Colloquium on Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian Linguistics
480081 KO Contemporary Russian: Systemic relationships in the lexicon - Colloquium on Russian Linguistics
480083 KO Word formation - Colloquium on Linguistics: Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian
480094 KO Language and Culture - Colloquium on Polish Linguistics
480100 KO Lexicology of Modern Czech and Slovak - Colloquium on Slovak and Czech Linguistics
480161 KO Historical Grammar of the Ukrainian Language - Colloquium on Ukrainian Linguistics
480042 KO Sorbs: The Culture of a Small West Slavonic Nation - Colloquium on Literature
480064 KO Folklore: peculiarity, genres - Colloquium on Russian Literature
480065 KO Pushkin, Shevchenko: Poetry - Colloquium on Russian and Ukrainian Literature
480069 KO Recent Polish poetry - Colloquium on Polish Literature
480086 KO Slavs in Alexander Roda Roda's literary and journalistic texts - Colloquium on Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian Literature
480088 KO Illyrism - Colloquium on Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian Literature
480152 KO Semiotic Analyses Using Examples from Czech and Slovak Literature - Colloquium on Czech and Slovak Literature
480158 KO Art and artists in contemporary Slovenian literature - Colloquium on Slovene Literature
480098 SE Contemporary / Modern South Slavic Linguistics - B.A. Seminar on Linguistics
480104 SE The Russian Language in the 18th Century - B.A. Seminar on Linguistics
480089 SE Milovan Djilas - Dissidence in Yugoslavia - B.A. Seminar on Literature
480120 SE Czech and Slovak avantgarde of the interwar period - B.A. Seminar on Literature
480130 SE 20th-Century Russian and Ukrainian Poetry - B.A. Seminar on Literature
010029 SE Orthodox Fundamentaltheology - Fundamentaltheologische Fragen aus orthodoxer Perspektive

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