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442604 SE [en] (VDS-PH) Vienna Physics Doctorate Highlights
442607 SE [en] Seminar in low dimensional quantum solids - Seminar on new results on the properties of low dimensional quantum solids such as fullerenes, nanotubes and graphene, high temperature superconductors and optoelectronic materials as well as implications on their application potential
442609 SE [en] Quantum Foundations - (Journal Club)
442615 SE [en] Quantum Optics Seminar - The Seminar consists of a series of talks, given by mainly international guests.
442617 SE [en] Quantum Nanophysics - (Journal Club)
442620 SE [de en] (VDS-PH) Academic English for an Academic Career
442621 VO [de en] (VDS-PH) Physics of molecular hybrid structure
442622 VO [en] (VDS-PH) Advanced optical spectroscopy

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